Preparing for a second Trump presidency

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  • How to prepare for the state coming down on all of us
  • How to build relationships and trust – resilience if he wins
  • What does it look like to get us ready to then support young people, both now and if he wins
  • Starting now to build resilience
  • How to protect the people he’ll go for first – e.g. nonprofits
  • Be eyes wide open about it.
  • How to resist the normalization of hate, and strengthen local communities.

What do we already know that we can expect

  • ICE raids.
  • Anti-trans action.
  • Targeting Muslims.
  • Targeting people who are woke – i.e. Black folks who organize for justice, tell true stories about history.

What happened in the transition from T to B, what has changed and what hasn’t changed

  • Immigration, detainment, deporting pretty much the same
  • Conservatives are pretty nimble, different ways of doing the same thing. If they loose federal power, they shift to state / judiciary action.
  • He still has an army of people willing to do Jan 6 again. So much of the infrastructure he set up is still there.
  • Communities learning mutual aid during the pandemic; Vision Change Win got a lot more participation around community safety planning; the efforts to increase digital security.
  • Fascism in this country is real
  • There are some older-school republicans who may be amendable to taking action against him. Lincoln project.
  • With the uptick in protests around Gaza, abortion, gun violence, there is more organizing for action in a way that was dormant before.
  • With the model of militant resistance to Roe being overturned, we can apply that to additional contexts.
  • Things may get dark, and they’ve been dark, and there is still ways to generate hope.


  • Union organization, local organizing – a lot of trust comes local organizing. Have to build the basic building blocks today, much more than if we try to react if he’s elected.
  • Looking at the landscape of technology today; what efforts we have to validate information; how to counter deep fakes.
  • Focus on local organizing. Building mutual aide capacity.
  • Stoke in-fighting among conservatives
  • More of us are more ready to respond to violence.
  • Against Despair – Mariame Kaba. Hope is a discipline. It’s easy to give up hope, and so it’s important to practice hope. “Let This Radicalize You” – how do we turn challenging circumstances into steps forward.
  • Protecting / prepping people against doxing (finding personal information and making it public / using it to harass, attack others).


  • Vision Change Win
  • The Janes (documentary)
  • Pride (documentary on gays and lesbians supporting miners; story of solidarity)
  • Mariame Kaba: Let This Radicalize You.

Conservative groups to be aware of:

  • Highlander
  • Understanding Project 2025: 90-page doc from coalition of conservative groups to immediately seize as much power