Positive vision for alternative infrastructure

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"Movement Hosting in 2030"

Positive developments in recent Years


  • We're still here
  • More open source software available for running autonomous services
  • There are more feminist conversations happening in this space
  • There is some funding for non profit technology
  • There is more consciousness about the harms of coporate technology

Nextcloud is much better for file sharing (not talkin about collaborative document editing)

UX has improved.

More people has improved.

Mattermost is good.

TLS encryption is everywhere now with LetsEncrypt.

Weve built up more email deliverability expertise.

Tor browser and Orbot has gotten better.

CalyxOS for android.

Lots of VPN options.

Signal uptake is on the rise.

Jitsi and Big Blue Button video conferencing options.

Platform coops.

Gitlab as an alternative to Github

Familiarity with Wordpress as website CMS.

Some funders are beginning to understand the concept infrastructure

Linux desktop has become more usable and more widely used

Vision for 2030


  • Well researched functioning sustainable models for capacity bulding (mentorship) for emerging and existing autonomous infrastructure providers.
  • Easier interoperability and data portability between providers
  • Appropriate sized DevOps tooling for smaller teams
  • More funding
  • Make computing fun again, bring the joy back to online services for new users

Low bandwidth solutions

More providers in the global majority world

Solid alternative institutions to provide bare metal hardware

More collaboration with movement hosting providers and groups working on community networks

Cultural change of valuing local technology

Consider human and environmental load of infrastructure

Pushback on the expections of 100% 24/7 uptime

Valuing pro social services over high availability services

More publicly funded infrastructure?

Valuing publicly accountable infrastructure

More diverse and equitable in system adminstration

Better security

Wide adoption of open standards

Funding for civil society and autonomous infrastructure to participate in standards making bodies

More decentralization, offline first

Good CRM solution

People off of Google Docs

Easier to share computing resources