Parenting and Technology

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Limits with children, or is it about teaching how to use the technology?

  • Probably both
  • Balancing freedom and restrictions to keep them safe

Kids new born with or learn technology so much more quickly

  • Most important is to control their access, like using parental controls, prompting a conversation about what apps can be installed
  • There are games and apps that try to get money from you, but there are educational apps to
  • Be suspicious of "free download"

Idea: sandboxed tablet that's not connected to the internet so a young person can learn to use the technology safely How do we talk with parents who knew less?

  • Both parents who don't want children using technology at all, and those who give unrestricted access
  • Or when there is such limited access in areas when there are only a few computers for hundreds of students

Technology use is essential in today's world, so they need access and need to learn

  • To prevent getting into violent situations or taken advantage of or scammed

One solution: mentoring students at schools in a safe environment

Global technology access gap - getting technology to poorer countries

Digital security training for young people!

Boundaries like parental controls as leading to conversations and teaching/learning opportunities with children, rather than brick walls to break

Analogy: letting your child access the internet freely like leaving them on the middle of the street - they need guidance and supervision

What to say when they ask why? Depends on the situation

Can you say no too much and put up too many walls andblockers?

Respect children and youth by telling them why when they encounter a block - "it's for adults, not kids" is a starting point

Teaching kids how to find information

  • How to read app store pages, in-app purchases, privacy issues
  • How sites like YouTube are designed to distract you - not to be ashamed, but learn how to self-redirect