Organizer technology needs: Action and Organizing Tools

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What does your role look like? What kind of tools are you already using?

All our union conversations over signal. zoom for meetings. google docs for notetaking.

A lot of organizing is project management. Have you tried any productivity tools?

  • gitlab
  • powerbase
  • nextcloud
  • freescout for ticketing

mobile friendly? there is a mobile app for kanban boards using nextcloud. and of course signal groups.

actionnetwork - mobilizing tool, blasty stuff. email, events, chapter based. donations, fundraising, petitions.

actionbuilder - labor and community organizing CRM. saas model.

empower - relational organizing, helping friends talk to friends and family. stuff for canvassing, distributed canvassing. phonebanking, text banking, helping organizers follow up. paid relational organizing, where a funder can hire organizers.

p2p texting or text banking: there are different tools that allow you to do one at a time mass texting. In the US it is illegal to buy a big list and then automatically blast them all, but you can have humans one at a time click a button and then respond to any replies.

what are people using these days to organize and plan direct actions?

many things are just organized over gdocs. :(

fluidity - in practice, people are using all the tools, mixing and matching, using what seems to fit best at the time.

decision making - it has been difficult to make decisions outside meetings. we tried loomio, it has a nice selection of poll and decision making mechanisms. it has been a challenge because it is its own thing and doesn't integrate with other things.

stv - "steve" a single purpose voting tool.

crabgrass - still hosted but not actively developmed social organizing platform, with groups and networks and secure wikis and decision making and discussions and files.

does any have a doogle that that is actually good? maybe whentomeet or crabfit? not free software.

what is a good way to map influence relationships among people? be able to look up a person and see who might influence them, or see who influences a lot of people.

email delivery is a huge challenge. fundamentally, we are sending things that look a lot like spam, activist tofu. the big providers are always doing things to prevent delivery.

summary: people organize with a fluid approach, in complex distributed constellations, using different tools in different situations, changing as new tools are available or needs change. A hope for the future is better interoperability and data portability to reflect this reality.