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  • People want to learn!
  • Shockingly!
    • Eff...
    • Uses some proprietary software!
  • Health data!
    • Can't email health records
    • Cant put it on drive! (No agreements with google)
  • Bay Nature
    • Google apps for everything.

Glocal Intro

  • Internally we've been using
  • Identified need
    • Simple queriable db
    • Collaborative editing
    • File sharing
    • Commenting
    • Versioning
    • Media artifacts
    • Consistency of interface
    • Shared authentication among component tools
  • Introduction to owncloud a FLOSS WEBDav client.
    • It offers syncing clients for Linux, Mac, Windows, Android and iOS
    • It is extensible via 'apps.'
    • Can pull in dropbox and google docs importing of files.
    • Version 6 beta has webODT integration.
      • Mention of a possible feature request... symlink/alias
    • Presenting integration
  • Presentation of Calendar tool.
    • CalDAV based so syncs with most everything (unless you're, each user account has a calendar and users can create calendars.


  • Integrates into OWNCloud
    • Shares media assets with owncloud
    • Media assets added to docuwiki ends up in
    • Each wiki page, can be it's own etherPad!
    • Shared credentials!

Also part of the toolkit

  • Owncloud Tasks
  • Ethercalc (Ethersheet?)
  • Repo sharing

Other tools

  • Elgg/Lorea (federated social network, not bad for group discussions and assets sharing)
  • Open Atrium (drupal module)