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non profit consuming open data open data coming from charities


open data is freely licensed, available, machine readable.

  • open gov is making your gov transparable
  • open data are the data set that dont have to be only from the gob

What are open data sources for a non profit consuming?

  • ckrata
  • ckan
  • open knowledge foundation
  • nasa is very good at being part of the open data movement

f* ema is also opening their data

Validation and quality of open data.

How you trust the data set?

YOu can do statistical methods to validate data. If there is something that falls outside variation..

'The gov only is going to put out there things they want you to see'

Internal Review Board: they make sure you dont test things you want to test. Willow want they to do something about what should be colllected.

How non profit how they can use the data?

'Our problem is described by this data. Changes on this data may show our impact'

. To measure impact. Data to see how we are doing in a project . To understand the data you need to know how that data is gathered. . Desire of making charts

How do you promote data literacy?

There are some groups that do this: . Statistisians without borders: they help with surveys, crisis relief . Data Kind: run out of new york, they help groups to understand how data can be used. They do data camp and get data sciencits into the organization

'We might not be public policy experts or data sciensits but we may need to have some knowledge that our clients go with the right data provider.'

'what kind of data people can collect?'. You have to look at what data need for what you need to show.

data -> analysis -> chart

Example of good organization using data:

- org working with families and tracking the impact they were having with those families. In the last three weeks they realized that everything they were doing they need to change.

Why to share data?

  • Survey fatigue: The cost of collecting data is not just in your organization but the people you are collecting data from. Opening the data you are collecting help on this. The people dont get questioned more than once.

Open humanitarian initiative. They are looking on why people dont want to share their data? They were saying that it was too costy (because the bandwidth). Now they are saying that is for funding. So they are looking for funds to be given only to organization than share their data.

Arthur: 'I have all this data and I feel unsure that I have the right to share it because it was agregated.'

Other tools or links mentioned:

  • Ushahidi as an interesting tool. Camille trust the data and thinks insane that you have to have a crisis and terrible happens to get good data.