OpenStreetMap and the state of open mapping in 2020

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OpenStreetMap and the state of open mapping in 2020

OSM is a primarily database despite the "map"

15 years of OSM top 2-3 global mapping data project, only one that's open

there are some apps where you could run the osm data

other folks are building tools to run the data: governance models? if benefiting should also contribute (a norm not policy) mapbox ($) wikipedia

because the info is primarily "fact" based/measurable less troubles with contributions/process?

how do you manage conflicts/subjective assessments for what exists?

norms around kinds of data: example: streets, landuse, but there's other things the tech can't easily capture, i.e. terrain; backing up with one's own evidence, gps data, photo, sat images,

disagreements tend to be around how you represent things. for example, determining whether something is a primary or secondary road is different in DC versus, say, rural Kenya.

the power of metadata. people contributing to a large mapping database, but there's a boundary of power that determines what becomes accepted truth for the map.