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Secure Platforms

What Can Moderation Look Like

How to Get Vitality in a Community

Pros & Cons of Different Types of Platforms

Authentically Engage People

Difference between Communications and Community

Platforms & Tools Discussion

Start with where your community members are and stitch together different tools and have workflows between them

Engage members with email and push them towards Slack. Use a tool that is easy for you already.

Whatsapp , Slack, Facebook

Scuttlebug / Miniverse

Notion / Slack

Zoom- has changed privacy settings so now they are using your information to update their AI

Face to Face Interactive?

  • Open Office Hours - less opportunistic
  • Feels Generative
  • People get excited and bring friends. Most effective way to grow

Security & Vetting for your Community

  • Creating a community grounded in the purpose and boundaries for making it as safe as possible & welcoming
  • Community to co-create the rules

Event Driven vs Topic Driven

  • How to get people with shared values

“Community Gardener” / Facilitator

  • Welcome new members, tend to community, do outreach, Stir the pot, moderate

Criteria for Platform

Calendar event mgmt

Discussion forum

PTP messaging

Works on Low Bandwidth environment - Braindate is a web-based platform that fosters knowledge-sharing conversations among people at events, communities, and organizations.

  • Online & offline done well
  • Skillshare

Discord & Discourse

MouthCzar & Coda

Great for wiki-like things

Corporate software

Participate (great for badging)

Email List

Participation Guidelines