Nonprofit Tech Provider Principles

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On Respect

Three things need to be respected:

  • Yourself - know your limits, and know your strengths. Communicate them well.
  • The Organization
  • The Problem - Be diligent in data gathering, a small problem may merely be a symptom of a larger problem. Not all problems are tech problems.


  • Framing the decision. Give them all the information that they need, try to get them to feel empowered to make the choice. Want to teach them to fish, not fish for them. Ongoing strategy and best practices should be decided upon by the organization and not the consultant.

NP Tech Provider Principles

John mentioned that one of the nten groups came up with a set of 10 principles for tech consulting - you can find a draft version here: The latest version of this is on the nten community and requires a log in.

Other Resources

  • Compass point has a course for consulting with nonprofits.