Membership management with Plone and Salesforce

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Facilitated by User:Nateaune.

Do you have one database for your members and another database for newsletter subscribers and another database for those who register for your events on your website? Do you wish you could consolidate all of these databases and provide a self-service way for your members to engage with your organization through your website? In this session, we will discuss an easy way to do this by taking Salesforce, a best-of-breed CRM, and Plone, a best-of-breed CMS, and getting them to talk to each other. What this means is that your current and prospective members can come to your Plone-based website, subscribe to newsletters, register for events, sign up as a member, and even login to access to special "members only" areas on your website. They use the same username and password to do all of these things, and you have a complete record of their activity in a single database (Salesforce). We will show how to seamlessly add forms to your website to collect data that is stored in Salesforce. Thanks to a grant from the Salesforce Foundation, there is now a strong integration between Plone and Salesforce, and with confirmed additional funding this will continue to improve.