Managing 50 CiviCRM installations using aegir

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Dan: Josue: 22 seperate installs of CiviCRM each hand upgraded Michelle: working on python scripts to deploy mediawiki farm

May 1st / PeopleLink vs Aeger for multiple drupel stuff

=May 1st approach

Dupel core drupel-6.0 drupel-7.0 every user has symlink to core drupel and each user has own sites directory, running suexec.

Started with drupel multi-site, every site shares web directory & insecure. MFPL switched every shares and can ride.

Downside is for 10% upgrades, each user needs d


Drush is drupel + shell

Aegir is drush and drush make based

drush make works like make

Progressive Tech project uses a make file in git repo. Patches directory

bash script goes through each instance

Aeger is drupel interface to drush drush make

  • Server
  • Site
  • <something>

Michelle MeidaWiki python scripts=

local settings template based on API of hosting company every site has on code (no symlinks)

Jamie: MediaWiki has multi-site option.


Drupel Features: co

4.1 CiviCRM , every config is in db, but config files can override everything.

Lead developers of CiviCRM deal with people who can't edit files on remote host

Two classes of config, w/ security info & wihtout

best practice is to #include security into settings.php

May 1st people link control panel

upgrading apps big issue.

cpanel installs but doesn't update

Other tools=

more talk

PTP hosts everything on May 1st people link, own own servers

100 virtual servers , 25 physical servers.