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facilitated by Heather Bailey from Translate House and Rosetta Foundation

Localizing App

What do the pros do?

Engaging with Language communities.

Being inclusive


Software translation very different from nonprofit communications i.e. mission statement.

Specialized translators for medical or engineering and others.

  • Democratic discussion (Wikipedia)
  • Localization Community
  • Language people
  • Really committed and proficient in the needed languages
  • Tools
  • Versions
  • Project assignment
  • Technical capacity of localizers
  • Transifex
  • Trommons - for documents
  • People congregate around tools and languages
  • How to attribute certified and prestige around translator
  • Strings are the labels and any text on the screen
  • Long tail
  • Big languages paid to be done
  • Lesser seen language have committed communities, see their languages staying alive
  • How to have global language neutral community share. How to share ideas without a "source" language. No clear language but people are working on it.