Intro to Plone

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Facilitated by Nate Aune, Plone Developer

Nate has deployed dozens of Plone web sites, and in this session he'll offer an overview of this excellent open source content management system.

Session Notes

We are using Plone 3

Plone 4 coming soon (possibly Jan. 2010)

Runs on Zope application server

Functionality aimed at end-user ease of use

Intended to work “like peoples’ desktops”... uses a folder structure with objects inside the folders

Websites built with Plone:

Multilingual functionality built in for interface

Lingualplone module lets you translate content

Deliverance allows you to use a single theme (html/css) with multiple engines

“folders” are “content types” When you create a top-level folder a tab is automatically created When in a folder you can add new content inside that folder

Image library functionality built-in using python image library

“link integrity”: Plone checks for any pages linking to an item before you delete it

Security in Plone: Strong record of security Fine grain control of user access to content Builds of security of Zope

Rules: Rules are actions that happen on specific events

HTML Filtering: You can select which tags are allowed

Javascript/CSS compression available