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  • Innovating around a platform can feel restrictive
  • building the conceptional warehouses
    • learn process is to identify narrative & document like the process of what needs to happen to an article to publish it
  • the concept of building a collaborative space
  • good facilitation is huge is pulling innovation
    • sometimes need to bring people out
    • neutral in that they can identify where the energy is & not relate to the hierarchy
  • code is policy
    • start from a policy statement & then build code on top of that
    • innovation happens within government structure & within capital structure... whether you know it or not
    • most revenue models are built on extractive economics – to break it – think of the users as the owners & provide value to them
  • visual things help with creativity
  • sometimes its about talking something until its death
  • sometimes its about thinking through something
  • sometimes its about playing music to get the brain to a different place
  • it is all about getting yourself unstuck

collaborating around innovation

  • create space? brainstorm seperately & then pull it together?
  • space to break things

Leola Lab

  • weekly meetings to collaborate
  • break stuff – no shame is not succeeding, incouraged to not be afraid to fail, & others are encouraged to pick up and try different things
  • work for the week and then come back together
  • build ideas up
  • show up because people want to build stuff
  • have the right people there
  • interest is the main motivating factor to get people involved
    • a place where they can connect with other very talented people to work on things they couldn't do on their own
    • tackle BIG projects and issues that people are EXCITED about

when you take time and capital out, it flattens hierarchy

  • sometimes even just participating in collaboration is innovative
  • sometimes need lots of pressure, from bottom and top to get people to collaborate – once they are there & collaborating people tend to really respond to that
  • it can be difficult to keep up collaboration, trust, checking in in honest ways with a distributed team – time spent together is about bonding and building relationship

Shuttleworth Foundation – Ubuntu - “Out of Community”


  • passion, excitement, willingness to put energy into something
  • safe space to experiment, fail, try things, do different than the norm
  • forcing function to make people come together, work together, see people as equal, trust everyone
  • change of environment can help facilitate innovation