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Creative Commons is updating its technical infrostructure for 2018 and beyond.

Brainstorming on what is a great collaborative platform.

--Two buckets is machines (tools) and movements (who are the stakeholders)

--Does a Feature set trump people’s usage

--Sharing platform - where is the critical mass.

--Can we carve a space in existing proprietary places to insert Creative Commons licensing.

Medium is for using a longer blog - getting beyond a long rant on Facebook.

Tool that gets broadcasting.

Shouldn’t we think about the movements first? People?

Single log on. How do people authenticate?

Found Flickr image that was CC licensed but it was actually a Getty image and still got sued.

Creative Commons license repository thats

A ledger of the commons - and a reliable CC search is being worked on by Creative Commons

Stocksy is a platform that shares stock images.

The process of attribution can be painful - fingerprinted images

Jeckyl as a medium -

Bringing RSS back -

Can we build a text editor that works with Git that does commenting on text

Their used to be layers - you used to be able to build your website within your browser app - you also use to be able to annotate the web as well. Now we have things like Hypothesis -

Would the ledger be built on Blockchain?

Platform co-op - vetted and their materials - sharing economy - new school - umbrella - Jigger and reframe - Custom license - Co-op - cc attributions - don’t want copy cat services.

New area is patents: CC 0 plus patent tools - to prevent commercial companies to take things out of the public domain - it remains in the patent commons for perpetuity. Hopefully prototype would be available in a year.

CC gives licensing language geared toward creators and its easy to understand.

Crowdsource the trust. Wikipedia, how can you involve people alternative credit reporting. Crowd-sourced version of credit.

Trust building around the content.

How do you attach license to a piece of data. Video images and data -

We can’t share best practices - we are reinventing - don’t have the system. Knowledge should be commons. Protocol for structuring best practices. We need to know who created it.

How do we do discovery, reputation

We just need Circuit Riders

They should definitely look at decentralised tech (maybe BlockChain)