How to get colleagues to function at all during lockdown

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Or How to get colleagues/clients/employees to respond/comply/function at all during lockdown/disrupted economy/personal crises Marty

What are we dealing with/Problems:

  • Even pre-pandemic working with clients who have other really good priorities was challenging. But that's been more noticeable.
  • How do we shift from a penalty (we'll charge you more) approach to incentives

Do normal incentives & penalties work in such a heavily disrupted environment??

  • How do we meet people where they are as clients?
  • Generally keeping remote work going?
  • Distribution channel impacts in other arenas

What's working lately?/Solutions

  • Being real about capacity and asking for info on one anothers capacity (realizing that not everyone will be comfortable fully disclosing based on personality/cultural/work relationship)
  • Be compassionate but still have a limit
  • Making agreements with deadlines or non participation penalties
  • Self care
  • Enforcing/suggesting breaks/vacations for employees/colleagues

shorter work week

family friendly policies

extra time off

  • Pushing back project deadlines/more frequent check-ins
  • Stay honest human & invite others to be human & authentic (vs corporate fronting that everything is fine when it isn't)
  • Have backup tasks/clients at the ready if someone bales
  • Making social space with colleagues/clients

naming the weird

  • Project mgmt back channel massaging
  • Doing some pre-conversations and check-ins before milestone meetings
  • Virtual handholding to make sure the employee/client is proficient/comfortable with the tech tool
  • Leveling everyone up if you are using a shared platform for communication/ PM tool.

virtual coworking

using graphic platforms like gather (so you can split off in a side room for a private convo)

using structure & facilitation to keep virtual spaces human/functional/warm

  • Problem solving the distribution issue/tech fail etc
  • Referring a particular person/everyone to mental health/unplugging resources