How We Designed and Built Fluxx

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Facilitated by Jason Ricci, Energy Foundation

Session Description

Jason will discuss the architecture and layered workflow model of the Fluxx Grants Management platform.

Thanks for checking out Fluxx. As promised during our session, here's my contact info:

Jason Ricci
CIO, Energy Foundation

Session Notes

Jason started with a short demo of Fluxx - a shortened version of the earlier Introducing Project Fluxx session.

Built on/with:

  • Rails 3 w/ Railsengine
  • MySQL

Components (rails engines)

  • Fluxx Engine - extends and replaces basic rails functionality. provides decorators for creating restful services, and also includes basic jQuery interface components.
  • Fluxx CRM - provides models, views, and controllers for basic CRM features - state engine for workflow, users, history tracking, documents, special fields.
  • Fluxx Grant - provides grants management implementation - search, grants, etc.

Getting started developing with Fluxx
Take a look at the fluxx reference implementation for a full working application:

More Information
More information and repository links can be found here: