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  • This coordinating model applicable for 110 people or less
  • Each session/breakouts for 10 people or less
    • parallel sessions (i.e. beginner and advance group on same topic)
    • find 2-3 people that specialized on topic to help you create topics for breakouts.
    • Challenge for large groups: people breaking into clicks
    • Pollinators: people who test out each break out.
  • Test Case: 20-100 local people, budget: 1000-3000, 2-3 days, free venue

Pre Event:

  • Write outcomes for participants: What are you hoping to achieve? Goals, objectives, hopeful outcomes? Who’s the community?
  • Cookie cutter goal example: strengthening a network.
  • Survey participants to figure out need: i.e. What do you want to talk about? How can this event be useful to you?
  • Make sure what your proposing is useful to the organization.
  • Who will be there
  • Roles: Co-organizers (huge part of reaching goals), agenda partners (people who will show up and lead sessions), community partners (people who help facilitate even in anyway possible).
  • Budget: (nonprofit software development summit aspiration event budget:10K)
    • travel support tip: book flight/bus for them to avoid last minute expensive fees

Communication Arc

  • email facilitators to schedule a call in order to have a conversation about the event
  • face to face meetings
  • google calendars for religious events
  • call & email participants
  • agenda planner
  • talk to participants before you create an agenda
  • Last meeting before event with co organizers, agenda partners and organization you are organizing for:
    • Present agenda template (narrative arc):
    • Bring with you: list of facilitators and topics



  • opening
  • breakout 1
  • sessions
  • lunch
  • session 2
  • session 3
  • closing: What’s your next step?

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