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Alternatives to Google Docs:

With Ross.

Also read the Etherpad version of the notes here.

Dealing with Free Software under Free Licensing, and not just stuff that is free to use!


  • Information on a corporate server isn't under your control. If the govt asks for your information, they'll give it up easily. If antagonists are after your data, it's an easy target. Consolidating your life under a single Google login feels intrusive. Solidarity with creators of free software.Activists in countries with heavy surveilance want software that works over a local network (airgapped).Activists want stuff that can be hosted on their own servers (for extra security)
  • What people are using here:
    • zimbra - built-in doc editing. under GPL.
    • Hackpad. Proprietary.
    • iemail.
    • Google Apps Suite.
  • Alternatives to Try:
    • Ether Sheet.
    • EtherPad.
    • Ether Calc.
    • Peer Library - annotated.
    • Web RTC: Mexcla: Skype alternative.
    • Open ODF. new, buggy software. Can collaboratively edit an ODF file. Also has a security layer.
    • ThinkOffice
    • KingOffice
    • Etherpad Light: Node JS dependent. Install with NPM.
    • Tox - Skype Alternative. Doesn't use XMPP. Done over the tor network.
    • Pond: Written in Go. Encrypted Messaging sytem. More like email. need person to person agreement about shared key. Read-Once. GUI doesn't work very well yet. CLI works better.
    • Cryptocat.
    • Prosody (XMPP server)
    • OTR(off the record chat).
    • txtsecure.
    • SilentPhone: Desktop and mobile app. Open Source?
    • Redphone (android) and Signal (IOS): VOIP for mobile phones over Wi-fi.
    • FreedomBox: Personal Home Server. (Danube Project) with owncloud, wiki, other collaborating tools. Also, ArkOS (on RaspberryPi).
    • Funambol: Personal cloud software. Amanda thinks it's $#%^. Contacts are tripled.
    • : also is questionable.
    • Node Wiki: Javascript based markdown editor with automatic version control via git.
    • Markdown Files on a txt editor with version control. Push stuff to a repo as you go along. it's old fashioned but free.
    • RiseUP: Anarchist Collective Non-Profit. Founded in 1999? Battle of Seattle veterans that went into tech. Very concerned about security. A bit more trustworthy than Google
    • Federated Wiki.
  • New FOSS Social Media:
    • GNUSocial: microblogging.
    • Elgg
    • Lorea
    • Crabgrass
    • Known: Hosted version, but you can host yr own.