Facilitative leadership

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The design for this session can be found here: https://www.fabriders.net/recipes-for-facilitative-leadership/

The Recipe for Facilitative Leadership

The Base:

  • Have confidence in yourself
  • Humility
  • Commitment to the dignity of participants; empathy for people
  • Actively including diverse voices
  • Building safe spaces for difficult but esssential conversations
  • Operating structures that allows openness to outcomes w/o pre-existing assumptions
  • The facilitator should trust the process
  • Listen and hold space for people to express themselves and be heard
  • Trust people to know or work out the answers
  • Meets you where you are at
  • Intentionally subvert visible and invisible hierarchy
  • Prioritise building empathy
  • Willingness to take a risk
  • Even the terms of discussion

The filler:

  • Giving space for the collective power, wisdom & expertise of the group to emerge
  • dialogue
  • Gathering and implementing input throughout the process from the participants
  • Every interaction matters
  • Perserverance
  • Checking in to enusre shared understaing or aligmment
  • It is applicable to all scales
  • is a healing experience
  • Asking questions is an act of leadership
  • Understanding the difference between a space that invites inclusion & accessibility versus on that feels transactional or like tokenisation
  • Establish clear boundaries while leaving space for creativity
  • Brings people to a shared vision/goal and redirects us when we get distracted
  • Leadership takes courage, has risks and enables self-empowerment to make change
  • Facilitating leadership reduces barriers and opens access
  • Engagement -> Exploration -> Co-creation -> Leading with unique ideas
  • Knocks down obstacles that will halt progress for participants
  • Building empaty and trust between participants

The garnish/finishing

  • Reflection
  • The collective moving towards its goal
  • Empower others to make decisions
  • Commitment to action
  • Inspire acts of leadership in all you do.
  • Joy of collective visioning experience
  • Turning vision into impact
  • YUM - Taste delicious as a shared experience
  • Learning the process through the process

Takeaways from the process of creating the recipe:

  • FL is universal
  • Let the group define what FL is
  • Focus and care about the relationships
  • Give Space for collectie power
  • Be mindful of the delicat balance of holding space and taking it as a facilitator - stepping up to move up
  • Your fucking with the patriarchy
  • It's not filling the absence of leadership
  • Trust & Trust the process
  • Have self-awareness & understand your role and when to share your own experience
  • You don't have the answer
  • The collective answer is different to the individual answer