Envisioning the Perfect eAdvocacy Platform

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SECTION #3: Envisioning the Perfect eAdvocacy Platform Facilitated by David Taylor, RAN and Matt Holland, Avaaz.org

I. Platforms, Other Resources a. Salsa/DIA b. CiviCRM c. Avaaz has their own custom built platform d. Convio (more $ than Salsa, but same problems) e. Salesforce f. Vertical Response g. Sparked.com h. Get Active i. Nation Builder (up and coming alternative) j. Facebook* (some using it as a platform) k. Adobe Marketing Suite (?) l. Badge Blue integrates with Mail Chimp

II. Common Platform Problems a. Closed source b. Integration with donors c. Doesn¹t do most of the things it says would be really easy d. Too many changes and don¹t notify clients e. Want better integration in general f. Lack of social media integration

III. Ideals of e-Advocacy Platform a. Open source b. Transparency c. Increased autonomy d. Tracking codes for sources of growth e. Is the core in need a workflow integration? f. Has to have an API; ³nobody is the best at anything² g. Better (³deeper²) reporting and metrics

IV. Core Functions of a Platform a. CRM b. Email & Email Deliverability c. Donation Integration d. Advocacy e. Event Registration & Management