Effective communication and Listening

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Effective Communication

Traits of an effective communicator:

  • Responsive
  • Takes time to pause
  • Practical examples
  • Eye contact - connection
  • Confidence
  • Direct
  • Respectful
  • "Oops and Ouch"
  • **Listening**
  • Patient

Most of these tie back to listening

What makes you feel heard?

  • When people are looking at me
  • Responding directly to what I say
  • Not doing other things/multitasking
  • Focusing
  • Echoing the message
  • Not interrupting
  • Lack of defensiveness
  • Asking follow-up questions
  • Picking the correct environment
  • Picking the right environment
  • Demonstrating understanding
  • Affirmative body language/non-verbal affirmation
  • Genuine responsiveness
  • Interactions have a "back and forth" flow

What makes you a good listener

  • Staying present, trusting the conversation will flow our way
  • Removing distractions/focus
  • Not interrupting
  • Acknowledging emotions/ echoing emotion
  • Eye contact
  • Not making assumptions
  • Asking what they need
  • Pay attention
  • Be a reflective listener
  • Flag when you don't understand something
  • Be aware of your emotions and self-regulation
  • Be aware of your reaction to what someone says
  • Acknowledge repercussions of the conversation
  • Acknowledge or account for power imbalance

Unsolicited advice

  • It will shut people down
  • Makes people feel unheard
  • Some communications are meant to convey information, some are meant to convey emotions
  • Asking people for consent to give advice
  • When accepting advice, it lets others define what's correct