Effective Social Media Engagement

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  • What works, what are the challenges and how we should work forward?
  • Definition of engagement: get people to act and have dialogue.
  • Ideas on engagement strategies:
    • Create event, target specialized audience and nurture with personalized emails (specifically with personal contacts)
    • Larger scale: twitter boosts, optimizing
    • Make social media more warm, personal, emotional, humanistic
    • Tracking audiences into target them.
    • Shift from content sharing to creating engagement/dialogue.
    • How to use engagement to connect people with other people who have similar likes/objective/goals.
    • Measuring audience
    • Visuals/graphics/data gets more shares but minimizes engagement
    • Posting the right questions?
    • http://ajplus.net/: 30 second, captioned video
    • Upworthy style
    • ambassador program: people who publicize your org
    • Closed Facebook alumni group
    • The influences: 5 influential people from your community who will be leaders of your campaigns.
    • Skim program: Closed Facebook group to share special content so they can then share.
    • Slack: chat system, good replacement for list serves
    • People respond to other people, share other peoples story
    • Focus on end goal: vanity metrics, website hints, defining impact metrics.
    • Thinking about partnerships, who can you work with that have same values & what public can use.
    • SMS strategy: mobile comments, revolution messenger. Downside: expensive.
    • What’s Up mobile groups.
    • Meta Platform
    • CVCRM: see engagement of your community
    • Action Sprout: User analysis
    • Having the right message to meet need of the community you are serving

Concluding Thoughts

Experimenting is important, personal connections, sms, nurturing with personal relationships, partnerships, taylor post to each platform,