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drupal sewing circle

view themes - how to have a views template for a module rather than in the theme directory? seed.module in atrium does this wiht module_theme,

acquia, good for quickly deploying sites, also a look at best practice modules to use (trusted, supported ones)

drush - use on dev/test server rather than on production

admin role - module that automates it so that every admin user has permissions but drush doesn't set permissions correctly

vetting utility and quality of different contributed modules - 100 of the most drupal modules presented at bay area drupal camp, grouped by general category (will post on wiki)

how long does it take, depends a couple of months, or smaller sites could be a few weeks, multilingual complicated projects take longer. left to right

also, question, building a tool that uses ajax to pull up data, but arabic not being pulled in correctly, possibly a character set issue? use special utf string functions?

how to create stage site? just dump database and copy code to new site, update settings.php

everything in drupal (contrib modules) is stored on drupal.org, includes issue tracking, cvs, etc... versus joomla who has 3rd party providers selling extensions from external sites. do they allow for testing/trial?

form processing is not built in joomla, but there are external components, some charge and some don't, some more complicated, so need to go through an evaluation process.

in cck in drupal is simple versus joomla for adding new field to a content form

cms's need to be easy to use by nonprofits, and must include training, term 'administrator' from client perspective is relative

idealware cms comparison - compares

cms matrix

what tools do you use for development?

  • eclipse
  • drush
  • firebug
  • module generator, creates structure for a custom module (common hooks). also creates menu item entry example
  • jedit
  • php messages for debugging
  • ultra edit
  • Schema module - helps to create your install file for your table
  • SQLYOG - gui for viewing database tables
  • Admin menu module
  • advanced help
  • theme developer
  • devel module
  • coder module - checks for drupal specific standards, keep the code clean

themegarden.org - sort of like Zen Garden but for Drupal themes

Use views module SQL output to help create queries in custom modules.