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Visual notes by willowbl00 : http://prezi.com/jcxozl4rphi4/distributed-teams/

Lead/facilitated by @Rabble

@bangpound’s notes (which aren't ideal)

How does "creative" work happen in remote/distributed teams?

Github originally did not have an office.

Internet companies might meet up for a week or two for bonding.

Social space is essential: email, chat, etc.

Failure happens when face-to-face conversations don't get transmitted to remote members.

Ambient awareness: Produce updates that may be required. Forced production of weekly summary of activities. Successful projects tend to have someone with a role of internal journalist.

Skype Rooms and HipChat might be good tools for distributed teams.

Remote pairing: pair programming with screen sharing and skype. Requires good network connections.

Documenting protocols that strengthen remote interactions and enforcing them as requirements is necessary.

Remote development teams need a liaison who can be intentional about forcing interactions.