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trade offs between cloud and local physical computers

solo accountability that will continue and maintain on own hardware;

alternative to gmail and google

tutonota: not good search; good encrypted

thunderbird and own mail server

> recommend to use

paying system administration

free and low cost

email flavors: maintaining servers

pros and cons to all

gmail and enterprise level

personal: proton mail via google account so get services

security and surveillance: going to gmail

security attacks that cannot

who are trying to protect from?

there are folks who gmail is appropriate

frank about what the options are

search as dealbreaker?

search for iMAP is not as good

search is fast if on own computer

search not being as useable: what does this mean?

speed index ability metric 1 sec for search

moving towards project management tools as a way to not use email as much

project management tools and threat

trade offs

political choice is

balance the tensions between doing the organizing and using tools within our vision

building an alternative to google is not good use of resources

making decisions based on threat models;

organizations and difference between freelancers (don't have access to computer stacks or same assuming)

what are people doing with email

what are the problems we are trying to solve?

use case of freelancers: journalist as an editor who hires someone for one job


publisher centric

open oakland: tool sets what is the stack; volunteer groups that form adhoc and sort out their own issues and make decisions about tech choices

shared tools and facilitation of adoption

major trade offs and adoption

where is the link

a stack like a user

building on tech stack

assana, slack, gmail

evaluation tech stack

google and aws: because

concerns about security

mass movements: without


tressora shift from


hivos and organization mentorship

even if we provide

champion non profit public interest law firm and

building out our own organizational infrastructure and having clarity/architecture


threat models can be skewed

threats shifts

international context

asynchronous sim cards

tactical tech folks umbrella: documentation resource surveillance self defense problem of recommendations and

signal of document collaboration space

keebase: documents, cryptowallet, slack (news)

intra inter

technical on-boarding challenges of keebase


software that focuses on community building why would a mailing list be insufficient


knowledge management tools for

retention policies for org


resileo: peer to peer synch program alternative dropbox

rocketchat riot matrix

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