DevSummit07:Smelling the AJAX Koolaid

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Facilitated by Evan Henshaw-Plath (Rabble)

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) technologies have provided a discernable boost to user experience in web applications. Client-side browser innovations associated with the so-called “Web 2.0” era offer higher-functioning and sometimes more usable web interfaces than their server-centric predecessors.

But the technology has been hyped and buzzworded to a point that it's not always clear what specific value AJAX widgets and interactivity can offer specifically to nonprofit web tools. And user conventions vary widely, such that “standard widgets” for nonprofit needs (such as donation processors) fail to exist.

This session will discuss best-of-brood user interface technologies and associated development platforms. Discussion will both identify best-of AJAX-based functionality in exists nonprofit-relevant software tools, and evolve into a brainstorm on what "standard widgets" (for donations, mailing list management, GIS, etc) might be desirable to design and implement.