DevSummit07:Closing Circle and Final Groups

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A Group's Notes

(What number were we again !?) useful/benefit

  • good location
  • soyapi's session: good sense and appreciation for is not thought about during development, new cultural context
  • networking, meeting tons of people with similar interests, sharing ideas and issues


  • criticality of having public domain info available to public
  • more opportunity for collaboration

need for improvement

  • less rigidity for development time; better network performance
  • more documentation
  • more virtual support
  • after speedgeeking rotation, small debriefing within speedgeeking group to synthesize info and understand it more fully; should break that many tables into 2 days
  • need of communication between users and developers; need for decent requests and a larger capacity to meet those needs; common forum to develop common needs (farhan)
  • profiles of attendees prior to summit to initialize discussion and pre-networking
  • clarity of distinction between developers and integrators


  • talk with NASA dude-> new systems emerging from OSS, simple code and information sharing has turned into a sharing of complex apps and context; the future of data sharing (thinking of maps, databases) is similar, by making sure the right license and culture exists, higher level services and work-products can be shared, not just the data itself; e.g. the OSS 'Soup'
  • Directory and repository of Mashup data stream business terms and license agreements.