Working with Non Allies

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Talking to people we perceive as adversaries is important if we want to not live in a bubble.

We talked about the way to connect. How to know when you’re able to hear vs being flooded. the flooded brain doesn’t know

When we work in coalition, we need to expand our mission to include things that matter to the various groups. i.e. addressing racism simultaneously with fighting the injustice in the financial system at Occupy. But at some point, we can’t address all issues simultaneously, and we need to find a way to move forward on a limited number of issues

We brainstormed conversation topics and sorted them from most likely to provoke an argument to best for bridging divides with people with whom we have little in common. First category includes Drumpf and sex, latter category includes dogs and food. Try the latter category when you need to collaborate with someone who you otherwise disagree with.

What does acting superior get us as leftists? Even if we are right, what’s the point? A lot of the time, we criticize others to make ourselves feel better. The world is permeated with shame and guilt on a fractal level, and sometimes the easiest way to avoid it is to put someone else down.