What does direct action look like online

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Session #1: Online Campaigning

I. Considerations

· What is success? Tactical and outcome. Need to define!

· What bombed?

· Integrating online and offline

· Effective targeting

· Motivating people to get involved

· Online campaigning

· The “mushy middle”

· The ladder of engagement

· Find your “super activists”

· Online to offline conversion tactics – need a super activist

· You NEED more staff to do effective grassroots; every day people need a lot of hand holding; RAN has lessened grassroots bc of this.

· Use to bring people in, raise awareness and interest.

· Lack of connection between bringing online and offline.

· Need to take the time to connect with people on their interest level.

· The tool is NOT the answer, just a platform.

II. Theory of Change (not just online, offline campaigning as well)

· Where is the leverage point?

· How can you use the aggregated voice to hit the pressure points?

· Use online campaigning to supplement the theory of change. It can be part of a longer term plan.

III. Targets

· The officials

· Trading partners

· Sponsors (think Red Bull in Bahrain)

· Market leverage

· Supply chain analysis

IV. Ideas

· Petitions to be “shared” via media

· Online is good to expose and blow up an issue. Can raise the profile of the issue.

· Partnering with Change.org

· Social Media Day of Action

· Target social media accounts

· Need to find a weak leverage point and exploit

· Photo petition

· New Organizing Institute

· Aspiration: e-capacity building program

· E-advocacy (group)