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No EFF lawyer in the house today


COVER YOUR TRACKS launched yesterday

  • (update for Panopticlick from 2010)
  • https://coveryourtracks.eff.org/
  • fingerprinting which can be used to ID your browser
  • cookies are user controlled, can be deleted
  • 85% of cases users were uniquely identifiable
  • 95% with flash, others
  • Privacy Badger blocker
  • https://privacybadger.org/
  • which has been instrumental in gathering data on industry practices
  • times when you don't want to be anonymized
  • the surprising math of ways you are uniquely identifiable based on your language, server access, location, browser, hardware,
  • cute friendly animals exemplifying accessible human centered design ;-p

Threat Lab team, part of Tech Projects

Proctorware doesnt do much to internet cheating & creating privacy/security risks

Police Surveillance