Unifying narrative with a focus on Gaza ceasefire

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Lesson is drawn from these orgs:

Status quo, the messaging people use to prevent us from making change

  • white supremacy
  • Dangerous world
  • Scarcity
  • Individualism
  • Human value = economic value
  • Anti-blackness, anti-indigeneity

Ground in these^^^ before coming up with narrative and messaging


  • iceberg metaphor: it’s often what’s hidden from us that wrecks us, place the issue at the tip of the iceberg and then what cultural pieces make up the bottom of the iceberg that uphold this issue
  • Messaging box: goals, audience (be specific, maybe primary and secondary audiences), target (sometimes target and audience is the same and sometimes not, audience sometimes names your target, sometime your target is a decision maker, target can be your audience), constituency (already on board, they ain’t the people you’re making messaging for), if you can’t answer all these answers then something is missing, getting to all 4 gets maximized impact. If your target is not moving you might have to shift your target
  • Drama triangle: Hero, villain, victims

Additional resources:


^a treasure trove of resources

Status Quo

The House that Modernity Built



Mycellium / In Earth's Care Dispositions