Tour of the inside of the internet

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  • Where data lives? It lives in a data center where servers are connected or routed to the main Internet backbones.
  • Data or packets come and go through loopty-loop routing throughout the Internet.
  • Showed stealth video of the security and access entering a data center and the innards including a server rack and what the inside of a server looks like.
    • A data center is a place where physical hardware lives that runs the Internet, and our websites, email, etc.
      • Lots of wire, cables, fiber optics and flashing lights showing both network and disk activity
  • Showed nice real-time monitoring graphs of recent and historical data on server actrivirty and health.
  • Showed the command line use of TRACERT to trace the routing from point to point along the Internet.
  • Explained how domain names get translated and mapped through int'l root domain name servers (DNS) and web host and local DNS.
    • Discussed domain name registrar's and why none may be better than another.
  • Project suggestion is creating a services scorecard for domain name services and webhosts.