The role of art

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  • How do we do art and engage with art for self and community nourishment?
  • How can and does support our activism and our communities?


  • Desire for art as a tool for engagement and solidarity;
  • Vehicles for art engagement: open spaces (post it notes on wall), stencils,
  • poetry infusion –unamplified, public open mics – utilizing public space for actions
  • Very important forus to bake-in art time into our day, not just do it when our to do list is done
  • Art is inspiration and needed; inspire people to be more brave and speak out more
  • Exercise options:Free association of words- – one person says a word, the other person says another word and it could continue. This could be in a pair or more people.
  • Bay Area FlashMob: Gust – flash mob. Get up street theater. Art as both propaganda and organizing.
    • This is an example of art by community, not art by action.
  • Participatory theater – Theater of the oppressed. Form of the theater that community folks create the pieces and engagement.
  • Documentary improv theater. Documenting reality and using art to amplify those realities.
  • Artists are always the visionaries and organizations could do better at focusing on engaging those who are aligned.
  • What about going back to analog – using flyers and offline vehicles.
  • Things can be political without being intentionally political; telling a story is political.
  • “I feel like we're getting a lot of messages that technology is more important than humans”
  • We have to embrace the fact there is a tomorrow and there is light now and will be.
  • We need to do more together and create more together, especially when there is hopelessness.
  • In Costa Rica we did many stencils and murals with youth and had images to challenge stereotypes – like girls as scientists.