The State of Open Source CRM for Nonprofits

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Facilitated by Dave Greenberg, CiviCRM Product Manager

Not a training but a place for folks to ask "what is it", "what's new / what's coming", "who's using it" ... possibly could combine this with a broader session about CRM options for NP's.

Allen Poole, ebase developer, will discuss ebase as an example of desktop CRM options.

  • CRM: Constituent Relationship Management
    • Send Emails
    • Run a call center
    • Take donations
    • Manage events
    • Manage volunteers
    • Platform that powers an organizations
    • Integrate with accounting
    • What does a CRM not do?
  • Hosted vs. desktop: Pros and cons
    • Desktop
      • FileMaker can run over the internet and be accessed anywhere
      • Requires specific client software running on computers to use
      • Installation may be easier for desktop app
      • Does not require an internet connection
      • Typically does not offer access to third-party web services
      • Data is saved as you type
      • Purchased database app (Filemaker, MS etc.) reusable for non-CRM uses
    • Hosted (or web based)
      • Access through a generic piece of software: web browser
      • Data may not be saved as you type for many web apps
      • Data may be safer if hosted at a data center
      • Can be integrated with CMS/web site (registration, user account management)
      • All data can be in one place
  • Pros and cons of self hosting (for desktop or hosted)
    • You are responsible for setting up server and own the data
    • Pros: take it offline, backup, complete control over application
    • Con: You are responsible for backups, upgrading
  • How to reduce the data entry barrier?
  • Integration with third party services
  • Reporting is a pain point