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Template:Book is a MediaWiki template. To edit the exmaples below, visit Template:Book/en.


Example One

This is an example for using "Template:Book"

* {{Book
|author=Daniel J. Barrett
|comment=available to borrow from OpenLibrary.org

Result One

Example Two

It's even possible to use this template on a single line of wikitext:

* {{Book|title=MediaWiki|author=Daniel J. Barrett}}

Result Two

  • MediaWiki (timeless) by Daniel J. Barrett (FIXME)

Leaving parameters out (as above) will just cause the resulting text to look a little weird. But it's a wiki; things often look weird.

Example Three

This template is "forgiving". It's possible to leave all of the parameters off:

* {{Book}}


  • some silly book (timeless) by someone (FIXME)

When the "title" parameter is omitted, some filler text (e.g. "some silly book") is inserted. When the "author" parameter is omitted, different filler text is inserted.