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raw notes Tech Infrastructure

Mike management

Deborah alternative technologies

Ben PAS company

Art Tech consulting

Jessie Palantetech IT/Sysadmin

Non-profits have limited budgets and have trouble allocating resources. Usually waits until something breaks

Controlling infrastructure doesn't mean not using cloud providers it just means reading the terms of service Make sure.

Pantheon 200 servers use chef for configuration uses jenkins pull down chef code. Uses sensu for monitoring. Write checks for health monitoring pager duty integrates with sensu - service for phone schedules and call rotations. (sas service) graphite for doing charts

startups and non profits often will go for seemingly elegent solutions. Reap the benefit of scaling before scaling is even needed.

find a consistancy in how things are done

how do you as a consultant get in before a pain point.

2 kinds of tech understanding. How systems integrate. and then also how data works and how it should be integrated and stored.

small companies don't have that, they don't think in terms of systems. Just need to get something done.

MSP service is key to stopping disaster to disaster IT . trying to pay for consistent good service instead of paying to fix disasters.

YAGN - you ain't gonna need it

if it works, it works - doesn't always need to be pretty what's that moment where you need to start looking to the future?

too many clients, don't stop and think about if their tools are appropriate or not.

structured way: is the cost of fixing it tomorrow the same as today? if it is push it off to tomorrow. scariest thing is the "unknown unknowns" taking you by surprise iterative, learning from failures.

non profits often scared of technology lack of vocabulary on tech and scared to look stupid

Also the jargony, mean IT person often discourages people.

Get people to read EULA and terms of service and think about what they are going to do with it.

digital ocean and linode it is great that they have integrated backups....but what if you get a DMCA notice and lock you out?

non-profits getting them to run backups is like pulling teeth