State of Integration for Web Apps Today

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Facilitated by Josh Crawford, Brattleboro Tech Collective

Josh will lead a wide-ranging discussion on how different developers are making use of XML feeds, JSON, OpenID, and other interoperability technologies. Microformat Design Patterns: how do you use them?


Raw (no formatting and typos)

  • Introduce and talk about what people would like to talk about
  • What are Microformats?
  • What are the preferred formats?
  • Whats the best way to use formats?
  • Microformats
    • Standardizing pieces of information for context in HTML
    • For instance address markup in a standard format, or a calendar
    • Used for both Machine and Human
    • Embedded format
    • XML is a well defined solution
    • Encoourages more semantic content


    • Taking in a list of senators
    • Outputing data. Whats the best way?


  • JSON
    • Data to javascript
    • Thin layer
    • Easy to produce and consume
  • XML
    • More structured
    • Xtensibility
  • YAML
    • Describe Ruby files
    • Ruby uses it a lot
    • Google uses for
  • iCal, ICS, hCal

Choosing Format

  • How does your programming language use the format?
  • Bandwidth
    • Kayak created a priprietry format to save bandwidth.
    • MEdical data schema: HL7
      • In Africa, there is little to no bandwidth
      • Though a custom application, Goole wants to aggregate
    • XML has a lot of markup


No standards

  • MEdical data
    • Bandwidth
    • Standards
    • Encryption

Web vs Fields Standards

  • Gerneal Data vs Specific Data like Medical

Creating Standards

  • How to describe data?
  • how to account for missing data?
  • Address
    • Political issues like war
  • ISO
    • Political
    • Structure Differences

Knowledge of Standards for Developers

  • Realization of Standards

Roles of Standards