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The following are the confirmed sessions for the 2009 Nonprofit Software Development Summit.

More sessions are being added each week, and we invite anyone reading this page to join us for the Dev Summit, and to put a session of your own on the agenda.

Sessions have been slotted into the 2009 Event Schedule, so you can check out when each session will be offered.

The 2009 Nonprofit Software Development Summit has 5 session tracks, and session details are below:

Engineering Track

The Engineering Track will be what its name implies: a set of in-depth sessions on how to write nonprofit software. Practitioners will share their stories, talk about their their tools and stacks of choice and solicit feedback on their projects and ideas.

Process Track

The Process Track will provide a counter-balance to the Engineering Track, surveying best practices in project management, technology selection, and other non-coding topics which are critical to the successful delivery of nonprofit software tools.

Community Track

The Community Track will focus on projects and issues within the nonprofit software development community. Participants will enjoy a chance to learn about exciting initiatives, and to discuss issues central to the present and future of nonprofit software development.

Web Development Track

It goes without saying that the vast majority of nonprofit application development has moved to the web, and the Web Development Track will survey what's new in content management systems and beyond.

CiviCRM Track

Aspiration and CiviCRM have worked closely together since the project's inception. With support from the Mozilla Foundation, the 2009 Dev Summit has a track dedicated to CiviCRM for both users and developers.