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School of Open - Creative Commons

Key Ideas - Shared Contributions


Possible Juice Juice Done
Shared contributions Community to expand that knowledge
Framework for contributions Digital tools for social innovation
Intentionality about open source

Projects of Group and Discussion


  • 4 schools participating
  • Implemented WordPress network - "buddy press"
    • Facebook activity feed type user interface
    • Users have blog/sharable content
    • Facilitators/Students/Parents
    • Engaging users around intentions


  • WordPress site
    • Labs, lessons
    • Promote development of artifact


  • Internal site for people to share content
    • Technology was too difficult to learn
    • Need expectation of contributions within org


  • Works toward open tools but always returns to Google

PB wiki


  • Different groups working with different tool sets
    • Develop taxonomy
      • Post to various systems with tag "OPML" library


  • Wikis - central maintainer, needs


  • Wiki becomes bloated, fosters maintainer culture


  • Peer library, "share annotations"
    • Annotations are public, private, or just in a group of your choosing.
    • One example: share insights on math books

Can people do what they do better with tools?

  • Jo: list of open source tools for journalists
  • Leveraging open tools
  • Who is user, how can open tools help?

Discussions - takeaway and followup

  • Work with Jo - Media Consortium
  • UCSC Everett Digital tools and resources
  • janepark at creativecommons dot org