Reimagining technology through a feminist lens

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Activity 1

(process: individual definition of single most important value, followed by 2-person deep dives)

  • Diversity: needs to be uncomfortable
  • Liberation: the system needs to burn down
  • Agency: dismantling the power struggle
  • Privacy: the importance to protest
  • Equity: in contrast to equality, the understanding that shit is fucked up - subverting systemic oppression by providing different ranges of support to different groups
  • Solidarity: finding strength through shared support and desire to protect others
  • Basic survival needs met for everyone: it is where we are failing right now, and until we fix that, we cannot do much
  • Trust: future challenges will be so complex, we won’t go anywhere without relationships and trust
  • Care: the most important generous act, caring for ourselves and for others

Activity 2

Choose a value from above and reflect: what community projects are already centering around this value? what projects are championing this value?

(process: groups of 3-4)

Trust, Basic needs, Agency

  • tech will never build trust
  • we want to move to an abundance of real choices!!


  • skeptical of tech and automation
  • in the future we need to focus on personal relationships to build care
  • we need deeper understanding of the value of care == LESS WORK FOR MORE CARE


  • GDPR etc == are reactive, define strategies to act once corporations already have the data
  • how about data stores with one-use-only uses of data

Equity, Liberation, Diversity

  • ERGs: Employee Resource Groups - very present in US
  • How can they bring more diversity to a company?
  • Danger of whitewashing through ERGs
  • They act as Support System!
  • in 20 years: ERGs would create leadership
  • tension in groups between iterative changes versus burning it all down