RFPh: Request for Philanthropy

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Facilitated by Matthew Fitzgerald


Foundations are kinda like clients. What if we saw them as agencies instead? The concept of an RFPh is a thought experiment to lift our heads up from grant applications and funding cycles to a bigger possibility for change.



  • RFPh vision statemen
  • what are the components of an RFPh?
  • things we find frustrating that should be made invigorating
  • Principles
  • reference philanthropy initiatives that are alligned/(somewhat) allied e.g. GEO
  • no more spec work! we're not doing _____ anymore
  • increaes general operating support
  • patient, long-term funding
  • How many fundations by invite only?
  • Foundations that tell me being "..." know more about conditions on the ground than we do.
  • Matt, Upwell, did youth philanthropy funding
  • Rachel, entire funding agile "crazy funds"
  • Foundations contantant in nature - look at the history and who is on previous boards
  • Right wing funding infrastructure seams much more patient - long term -
  • should be more experimential, risky, selling adventurous nonprofit efforts
  • "trickle down" how much is actually getting down to the street to the "doers"
     **RFP process that Gunner teaches