Project management

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Project management tools


Other stuff

  • Anchoring role
  • Patterns
  • Being organized on behalf of unorganized people
  • Unsticking the stuck things
  • Parallel vs sequential execution of tasks
  • Checklists
  • Checklist Manifesto – Atul Gawande
  • Project management allows offloading brainspace for other people
  • Project
  • Personal checklists
  • Nonviolent Communication; A language” – Michael Rosenberg
  • Design world has tragic expression of unmet needs
  • Is there an open source project that values project management?
  • Who is the “decider”?
  • It’s possible to “snow” the “facilitator”.
  • How important is domain expertise to facilitate?
  • Are Gantt charts dead? (No)
  • Having agreed metric of success is critical (to distinquish between “is the wireframe started?” and “is the wireframe done?”
  • How does the sales process fit in?
  • How do legal documents fit in? (having artifacts is important)
  • Van Halen M&Ms story
  • How do we decentralize? still unanswered