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Group needs

  • mapping discussions of what clients ask for contracts
  • interval, client, project management support using client preferred medium:
    • trello, Asang, etc & keeping track --> workflow
  • what tools do you use and why
  • how to motivate people/ volunteers etc
  • being a developer/designer/ hat changing
  • how to say “no” and keeping scope-no to burn out


  • basecamp (crossed out) – Design Action


  • how to know your ideal workflow & whats happening
  • where are problem points
  • whats the vision
  • for project management
  • shared understanding of:
    • roles
    • timeline
    • central data space
  • what are you doing that working well
  • whats not working?
  • 1 group ex:
    • online library of PDF resources
    • i.e. literacy rates of HS boys
    • contractsused pivitol trackers to write user stories
    • can write priorities
    • needs assesment became like requirements
    • we didnt know until we got to that feature
    • client through it was MVP and we didn't

Where was the problem

  • we did a lot of deep dive workshop

Group ideas:

  • limit expecations
  • we'll slowly develop so we don't pin ourselves into quarters
  • start with how much $ do you have let's start there
  • don't rush information architechture
  • we create wireframes on paper before anything to get clients
  • tell them we need to see what this takes
  • let them know that your teams capacity can not grow
  • we need documents for shared undersanding

More group process/ideas

  • have client & develop reflect each others (ideally written) w/ priorities & feautures
  • reverse roles
    • “what do you think that I want you to do”
    • have them repeat back
    • “my understanding of what we agreed upon is”

Like contracting- need change order hen your wit snags -quickly

Documents & tools for shared understanding

  • spreadsheets – need to version it
  • basecamp
  • we create excel w/ each line having est time range
  • stories on board- good for features
  • trello/libre board
  • Asana
  • Invision-prototyping tool
  • keep agreements in a doc on the tool & track versions by date
  • Mantis- old tiket tracker
  • smart sheet: spreadsheets w/more


  • need shread agreements of how to use it
  • actual document
  • from mtg requests