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Powermapping and data journalism research
Power map
Power map

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Power map

  • create a narrative that can be shared with journalists
  • making connections between people, funds, organizations, etc.
  • visual way for people to understand data
  • corporate websites are filled with info


  • explore other people's map
  • create powermaps
  • webinar for making divestment power maps for universities
  • when making your connections add links as citations for proving your case
  • sponsored by Public Accountablity Initiative (PAI)
  • free tools, can make private tools
  • using google sheets or open libre sheets for collecting data
  • you can drag the entities around; people tend to read left to right

Little Sis Trainings:

  • SFERS Retirement Board
    • who is on the board and what are their connections
  • Decarceral Reform Powermap: CA Board of Parole Hearings
    • who are these people?
    • how do they get appointed
    • where did they work before they were appointed?
    • call to action is let Newsome know we need more public defenders, social workers, and public interest people on the board
    • state where the data is from
  • City Administrator's Office - Public works Organizational Structure
    • Clone: SF City Hall Corruption: Mohammed Nuru
      • make the case that oversight is needed
      • who did Paul Guisti contribute to?
        • powersearch.sos.ca.gov
        • calaccess website
  • How does SF Defund Police?
    • SF2020 Public Safety Budget
    • organizing power map
  • Republican Billionairs are Buying the SF Board of Supervisors
    • looking at Rep billionaires and their PAC connections
    • funding moderate candidates
    • narrative who is paying for who


  • Election campaigning for judges
    • spreadsheet as a map
    • research:
      • who appointed
      • what is their cohort
      • year appointed
    • resource
      • trellis.law
      • has bios

Why use power maps instead of existing sites?

  • such as followthemoney.org
  • https://www.opensecrets.org/
  • maplight.org
  • these tools do not always have enough info
  • opposition sometimes files forms using incorrect spellings


  • entities and relationships are data that is available on linkedin
  • using as a tool for researching backgrounds, connections, and sharing as popular education
  • using networks on linkedin as a way of sharing information/causes

Trellis - Judge Database

  • costs money
  • just google search: Judge Name trellis.law to get one judge per search to avoid paywall