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  • Social media
  • Email blasts
  • Forums
  • Other? Yammer, Skype, Slack
  • Listening dashboards are cool
    • Hootsuite

Rules of Community Engagement

Rules of Community Engagement are the same across networks.

  • Starting a community – use sock puppets. Answer all questions.
  • Turn users into evangelists.
  • Email lists – figure out high interaction users.
    • People who sign up and engage over time are valuable as evangelists.
  • Identify top 10 community evangelists. Give them some kind of exclusive access.
  • Arrange conference call with potential evangelists, ask them for feedback about your work, make them feel special.
  • Examples of helping people help each other:
    • Hold a tweet chat
    • Create a Facebook group
    • Create an online forum
  • Forum software on a subdomain:
    • Get Satisfaction
    • Higher Logic
    • Jive
    • Lithium
  • Listening, connecting users to each other, sharing relevant content
  • Monthly events are a great way to promote a new online community
  • Slack is an uber tool
    • Use it as a messaging app
    • Use it as a forum
    • Use it as a can opener
  • Use Canva for creating easy image online content for social media

Breakdown of content

30% your own, 30% relevant stuff from others, 30% amplifying other people’s posts, 10% delightful things
Check out this meetup: