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Facilitated by Neil Drumm, Senior Drupal Developer

Neil will provide an overview of what's up and coming in Drupal, including the new dashboard at <> and the new Annotation module (

Session Notes

Session notes will be entered here.

- Drupal 7 is coming out in a bit

- wish it would decide if it was for developers or end users

- your first drupal site never work

- talk about #smallcore and the debate over whether druapl should be a framework or deployable product

- going forwrad there is going to be a framework maintainer and a product maintainer

- cck is going to be in core for drupal 7

- how do you host multiple drupal sites and keep them all maintained

- taxonomy has been abused alot, and there is an effort to reduce the dependency on it

- they've moved cck into core, so you can use Fields API in things like profile modules

- there is talk about moving away from CVS, but it is a lot of work, and perhpas not much to gain

- Open Atrium was released. the first major packaged drupal product

- talking about Features and how it is allowing you to export things on dev and make it live

- drush lets you operate drupal with the command line with easy downloading

- you really want to use version control. Not new but improtant

- write update functions in .install files to update custom modules and site configurations

- Capistrano provides a simple language to do tasks on server(s), used in ruby to deploy different code and such

- Neils office mates are working on Pantheon, which quickly spins up Amazon cloud instances for drupal servers

- varnish sits in front of a web server and does caching

- drupal 7 development use continuous testing

- DrupalCon is coming to SF! Tickets on sale soon (tomorrow?)

- DrupalCon organizing meetings are ongoing and you should come! (usually every wednetsday)