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What are the positive experiences that folks had with free software hosted services?

And where are the frustrations? And the gaps?

Participants shared their takes on the three categories above.

  • Things that exist and are good
    • gitlab
    • Mattermost
    • Wekan (alternative to Trello)
    • NextCloud
    • Etherpad
    • Odoo: open source ERP and CRM []
    • Weblate (loclaization tool)
  • Things that exist and need improvement
    • Collabora
    • Etherpad
    • Sparkleshare
    • CRM
    • CMS
    • Wiki
    • Mailing lists
    • Newsletters
    • Crabgrass – network organizing tool, slowly updated []
    • User support tickets (as distinct of issue tracking, for which gitlab works very well)
    • Stack Exchange alternative?
    • Mexcla: Simultaneous Interpretation Conference System []
    • Jitsi
    • Web analytics (Piwik)
    • Web surveys
    • Online forms
    • Mastodon?
    • Dillinger: markdown editor. Heard good reviews, but no one has tested that out fully yet [1]
  • Things that are gaps
    • Voice conference
    • Google Doc alternative
    • Gmail
    • Google Drive/ Dropbox
    • Social tools
    • Meta social (tools to manage social tools, e.g. multiple social accounts)
    • Non-personally identified multi party chat
    • SSO/ SLO
    • Account management
    • Encrypted email
    • Google Translate
    • Accounting web software
    • Publicly hosted calendar
    • Events
    • Crowd funding
    • Doodle

The most urgent gaps to work on, in order of priority:

  1. Google Docs
  2. Google Drive/ Dropbox
  3. Gmail

(All Google products > This goes back to the SSO issue: sharing the permission model is the reason why Google is so effective)

Picture of notes: [2]