Mapping threats over next four years

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Workshop Wednesday, identifying potential problems from a Trump administration.

A taxonomy of our nightmares

What are you biggest fears about what Trump will do in the next four years?

  • Concern for immigration law. How much worse can it get?
  • Digital controlling, esp of social media. Surveillance.
  • Rise of hate crimes and normalization of hate rhetoric
  • Paul Graham is the y-combinator dude Trump supporter and play a negative role in the US government in technology
  • Increasing the partisan divide and US polarization (rural/suburban, red/blue)
  • Trumps interact with foreign governments
  • Electoral capture — through gerrymandering, voter roll purges, and other processes will result in GOP rule forever.
  • Defund TOR, a basic tool we all rely on.
  • Mandate encryption backdoors
  • Not have an FCC commissioner or will place a hostile regulator
  • Change libel laws
  • Trump’s attitude towards the press
  • white supremacy will be legitimized
  • stop and frisk will become in more cities
  • Electoral capture can lead to changing the Constitution
  • Loss of Twitter
  • Trump self brand
  • How Trump will increase surveillance, use it to deport millions
  • Crackdowns on activists though social media
  • People will be silenced again like Bush admin Iraq war
  • Cutting of funding of science and research
  • Incoming DHS chief
  • Margin populations and health care
  • Trump getting impeached and getting Pence and Ryan.
  • Disassembly of the government
  • Privatization of government assets
  • Trump’s empire and use of slaves rise
  • Crash of affordable housing
  • Hard for worker owned coops to find workers because of housing prices
  • Trump may crash the economy to benefit his real estate interests
  • Defunding international aid
  • Work with other nationalists coming into power
  • Build more pipelines
  • Section 2030 of the Communications Decency Act, safe harbor law for hosting companies, maybe be revoked
  • Adding social justice orgs on terror watch list


  • Deregulating banks
    • Legislative


  • Deregulation of OSHA
    • Executive orders
  • Revoking Obamacare
    • Executive orders, legislative
  • Defunding Planned Parenthood/passing excessive regulations
    • Executive orders, legislative


  • Wants to stop fed funding to sanctuary cities.
    • Executive order
  • Registration/Internment of Muslims
    • Executive order, NSA letter, executive intimidation

Civil Liberties

  • Might make abortion illegal
    • Legislative, SCOTUS
  • Blue Lives Matter bills, saying Fuck Cops is hate speech, banning recording cops
    • Legislative, create model legislation
  • A new House Un-American Activities Community
    • Legislative committee
  • Increased use of private prisons
    • Executive order
  • 2020 census subject to distortion (gerrymandering)


  • State capture of social media platforms
    • Executive intimidation


  • Environmental issues. Trump wants to defund EPA.
    • Legislative, Admin Appointments
  • Fracking and other climate threats that the new regime will try to install.
    • Legislative (remove local authority and regulation) Admin Appointments


Early Indicators and Warnings

Happy end note

government moves slow by design. Efficiency = tyranny. So these changes will be slow to implement.