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Let us know if you're interested in any of these and we'll share more contact info with you!


Development Operations Engineer at Freedom of the Press Foundation

  • Application closes Monday!
  • (posted here in case it opens up again:))

Looking for web developers


CiviCRM/Drupal/WordPress site builder/web developer for movement based organizations

iOS developers/swift who want to build the decentralized social web

  • Scuttlebutt

EFF is looking for a web developer


Creativity and Innovation Organizer

digital freedom, value tools and resources that empower people to share knowledge and creativity freely

UX/UI/User Research and Software Developers


Internet Archive

  • We are usually hiring techs


Looking for a job

Could you or your org benefit from a master of the

  • English language and communication to:

edit / write/ ghostwrite / lead editorial production?

Grounded visionary communications

  • Internships or part time

Vision, strategy, product and user research consulting!




*nix SysAdmin

  • hit us up for contact info

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